Yarrilinks Inc. is an independent, not-for-profit community-based organisation committed to building partnerships to conserve and restore biodiversity and maintain productive agriculture in the Yarriambiack region.  We aim to connect agriculture to environment and city to country, uniting people in a common purpose.  We recognise social and cultural outcomes are just as important for the local community as environmental outcomes and our annual Yarrilinks community planting weekend celebrates this core organisational principle.


Yarrilinks was formed during 1998 as a result of a local Landcare group meeting regarding the concept of Biolinks – the planting of ‘corridors’ of native vegetation to provide environmental linkages, movement corridors and habitat for native fauna and reserves for native flora in a manner that allows agricultural land uses to continue in an ecologically enhanced manner. Over 21 years the group has achieved 3000 hectares with management agreements to protect and restore local native vegetation and 400,000 indigenous seedlings have been planted involving 300 landholders.  A feature of Yarrilinks was the annual Community Planting Weekend where over 1000 volunteers from 30 different nationalities have been involved in the past 20 community planting weekends. Yarrilinks is now looking to build on the past success of the project to implement further environmental and sustainable agriculture outcomes within the Yarriambiack Shire involving local people and school children.


Yarrilinks also provides support for the following groups:


  • Lah Landcare group

  • Wallup Ag Group

  • Rupanyup Landcare group

  • Warracknabeal East Conservation Farmers

  • Minyip Landcare group


Yarrilinks is governed by a committee and employs a Landcare facilitator based in Warracknabeal, with the support of the Yarriambiack Shire and the Wimmera CMA.


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